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Aequo International provides education evaluations and language translations to individuals across the globe.
Our focus is connecting with you and offering a clear path to your professional destination.

We Are Focused on Serving the Public

Built out of the NASBA International Evaluation Services (NIES), Aequo International is dedicated to offering other professions and institutions the same high quality education evaluations and language translation services that NIES is able to offer the state boards of accountancy.



Simple, low-cost pricing.


Unlike many other providers, we do not charge extra for fast processing, additional copies of reports or other services we feel should be standard.


Constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of international evaluation.


Our relationships with universities, regulatory boards and international agencies allow us to maintain a high degree of knowledge in the international evaluation field.


10-15 business day turnaround.


Once we have received all required documentation, we will complete your reports within 10-15 business days.


Extended international call center hours.


Whether you are in Nashville or Nepal, we have over 90 hours a week of call center coverage to handle your needs.


Our strong research capabilities guarantee accurate reports and evaluations.


Our exceptional research staff, together with a current international education library, enable us to keep track of the ever-changing standards in international education.

Our Process



Aequo International conducts in-depth, country-specific research to give you the best possible assessment of international education.



Next, we verify the authenticity of all documentation we receive.



We employ a uniform credit conversion formula to translate international education to a precise U.S. equivalent.



Generally 10-15 business days after receiving all translated/verified documents, we’ll send findings in an easy-to-read report through the mail.